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SKA-P, one of the best bands of Ska music, comes from Spain.

The origins of SKA-P reflect the character of social rebellion which distinguishes their songs. As a matter of fact the group was created in Vallecas a worker district in the outskirts of Madrid, historically known for the fight against Franco’s dictatorship.

After a crisis that led the band to a momentary breakup, in 2007 SKA-P gathered again, continuing to convey, through their lively and humorous melodies, great ideals such as  human rights, anti-fascism, anticlericalism, the criticism against vivisection and the imperalism of the United States.

This is their discography:

  1. Ska-P – 1994
  2. El vals del obrero – 1996
  3. Eurosis – 1998
  4. Planeta Eskoria – 2000
  5. ¡¡Que Corra la Voz!! – 2002
  6. Incontrolable – 2003
  7. Lágrimas y Gozos – 2008.

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